Can we use VaporRemed on clothes spilled with heating oil?

Yes. VaporRemed is effective in removing heating oil odors from clothes. The clothes should not be dripping heating oil – excess heating oil should be drained off before spraying VaporRemed. A homeowner used VaporRemed to clean spilled heating oil from a favorite pair of jeans. He sprayed VaporRemed on his jeans and after machine washing them using a normal wash cycle, he advised us that the jeans were useable once again. Another customer was going directly from his work to a party when he noticed that his winter jacket smelled strongly of heating oil. He had some VaporRemed with him and sprayed it on the jacket. By the time he arrived at the party, the heating oil odors were gone. This is an important issue for oil companies as frequently a driver receives splash of oil on their clothes and a heating oil company in PA recently reported that using VaporRemed, they could remove odors from gloves and clothes affected with the spray.