How is SpillRemed (Indusrial) different from SpillRemed (Marine)?

SpillRemed (Marine) initially was developed to perform high-speed bioremediation in marine (saline) waters. SpillRemed (Marine) was customized as SpillRemed (Industrial) for use in reduced salinity industrial applications and similar contained oil contamination situations. SpillRemed (Industrial) is used in many metal recycling plants and waste oil treatment plants. SpillRemed (Industrial) also fits nicely with the established pollution control goals outlined in ISO 14001. At the recommended ratio of 1:10 – 1 part SpillRemed (Industrial) to 10 parts oil – SpillRemed (Industrial) has been shown to reduce waste oil pollution to less than 10 ppm within 10 days. We have found that decreasing the ratio to 1:3 – 1 part SpillRemed (Industrial) to 3 parts oil – the time can be reduced to 3 days.