We had a heating oil spill in the basement and the home is full of fumes and the company has been trying to flush out the fumes using powerful blowers. The fumes are still there. Can we spray VaporRemed in the air to remove the same?

VaporRemed is not a room freshener or fume suppressant hence it should not be sprayed in the air. VaporRemed is sprayed directly on the surfaces affected by the heating oil spill in order to be in contact with the source of the fumes – the heating trapped in the pores of the surface. VaporRemed remediates the trapped heating oil so that the fumes will be permanently eliminated. One would not require any blower fans after application of VaporRemed. A homeowner in Maine had a similar situation when the arrival cold weather made it difficult to keep the blower fans on. He used VaporRemed and was happy to be able to close all of his windows before the onset of winter.