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Our products contain naturally-occurring bacteria ready to consume oil at an astonishing rate. This is primarily achieved due to the patented (US Patent: 6,267,888) delivery mechanism that enables the bacteria to overcome the acclimatization barrier during the initial phase of the spill through biodispersion . This sets in motion a process of accelerated bioremediation that results in almost 90% reduction of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) within 3 weeks’ time. These microbes consume the oil by converting them into harmless water and carbon dioxide through biodispersion and assimilation. Once the contaminating oil or food for microbes is consumed, the bacteria die a natural death, without leaving behind any residue for disposal. Our products contain naturally occurring bacteria and do not contain any genetically modified forms.

 In most cases our products have been able to drastically reduce cleanup time to less than three weeks. Using our technology, spills can now be treated in situ obviating the need for skimming, off-site disposal of oily waste, and expensive soil excavation. All of our products help in restoring the environment back to pre-spill levels.

A couple of examples of our products’ success:

  1. In a recently conducted cleanup of 140 gallons of heating oil in a Pennsylvania home, basement fumes and fuel oil odor were gone within one hour after with VaporRemed. After two additional applications of VaporRemed, the homeowners were able to reoccupy their house.
  2. An analysis of soil samples taken from fuel oil spilled at a Virginia residence showed TPH values of 18,880 parts per million (ppm). Four weeks after treatment with AgroRemed, the TPH values were reduced to 290 ppm, a 98-percent reduction , well below the state’s acceptable limits of 500 ppm.

And, best of all, they work on any oil spill be it a large-scale oil spill or a heating oil spill in a basement.

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We would like to add that our products have been used by environmental experts as well as DIY homeowners to help them out in their cleanup projects and feel confident that our products will meet your needs. Call us to find out more, we would love to hear from you!

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