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Sarva Bio Remed, LLC offers a complete range of environmentally friendly bioremediation solutions using our patented biodispersion technology. Our bioremediation products have one simple goal – to reduce the time and cost of treating oil spills in situ with no additional costs for disposal of residue. Our patented process converts oil into water and carbon dioxide saving you time and money! Note: Product customization for specialized environments is available upon request (


Restores and Revitalizes Soils Impacted with Fuel Oil Spills. AgroRemed is effective in cleanup of petroleum contaminated soils in short periods of time, typically reducing the TPH content by more than 90% within 3 weeks under favorable conditions. It is essential that the soil is moist for survival of the oil-eating bacteria present in AgroRemed. Under drought conditions this can be achieved by wetting the soil with water free from chlorine. and covering it with straw to prevent both evaporation and maintain favorable temperature in the soil. Importantly, AgroRemed has been found to help restore soil to near pre-spill condition.

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SpillRemed (Marine)

For Open Water Oil Spills and Impacted Shoreline. SpillRemed (Marine)® is included in the National Contingency Product list of the U.S. EPA as a bioremediation agent for in situ treatment of open water oil spills and for shoreline cleanup. SpillRemed (Marine)® is effective even on weathered oil and can be introduced at any time in the life cycle of the spill. SpillRemed (Marine)® is effective both on small spills as well as larger spills and, thus, can be used as a do-it-yourself solution by small boat and marina operators. SpillRemed (Marine)® is non-toxic and is not harmful to marine life, and it has been found to be an excellent pre-treatment agent for oiled birds. In addition, the U.S. Coast Guard has issued a ‘no objection’ statement for use of SpillRemed (Marine)® on board ships and boats.

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SpillRemed (Industrial)

A Green Solution to Industrial Oil Pollution. SpillRemed (Industrial) used for industrial applications that need to remediate oily wastewater and accidental oil spills under fresh water or reduced salinity conditions. As with all of our products, SpillRemed (Industrial) is effective at near freezing temperatures.

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BilgeRemed is effective in ship-board bioremediation of oily bilge water both in ships under sail as well as ships berthed at the shore. Pretreating oily bilge water with BilgeRemed before passing it through oil water separators has been shown to reduce the TPH concentration in the discharge water to less than 15 ppm, as required by the International Maritime Pre-treatment of Oily Bilge Water in Ships. Organization. In a field evaluation on board ships under both conditions, BilgeRemed was effective in reducing the TPH concentration of water to 5 ppm in 3 weeks’ time.

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Bioremediation of Free Product in Ground Water. HydroRemed is a bioremediation solution for in situ treatment of free product or fuel oil in ground water thereby effectively reducing the levels of BTEX compounds (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene) usually relased by fuels in ground water. HydroRemed like other products reduces the time required for remediation of ground water that normally takes many years by conventional methods.

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AgroRemed BR is a customized product developed from local sources for on-site cleanup of soils contaminated with transformer oil in Brazil.

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VaporRemed almost instantly and permanently eliminates fumes from heating oil and fuel oil spills, thereby improving the indoor air quality and allowing residents and pets to quickly recover from the harmful effects of those fumes. VaporRemed is a bioremediation agent that eliminates the fumes by treating the source – namely the spilled oil. It is not a deodorizer, fume suppressant or air freshener. VaporRemed is available in liquid form and can be sprayed directly on any surface. It has been effectively used to rid the clothes of strong odor of heating oil particularly those working in oil company or maintenance shops. Many homeowners and heating oil companies find VaporRemed to be an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself solution for eliminating heating oil fumes. In fact some of the oil companies carry VaporRemed as a part of their toolbox kit.

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