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Bioremediation of contaminated soil at a gas station PC# 97-4045

Bioremediation of soils impacted with gasoline range organics with injection of AgroRemed. A Corrective Action Plan (CAP) was implemented, which was conducted in two phases. 1. Remediation of petroleum saturated soil with AgroRemed and 2. Monitoring and recovery of free product in the groundwater. In March, 2012, AgroRemed was injected in the two sites showing values of TPH above saturation point. At the next sampling event in June, the samples of soil from these two sites showed below detect values of TPH. The soil end point as per CAP was met in June, 2012 after single application of AgroRemed. However, the monitoring and recovery of free product trapped in the vadose zone was continued. The three quarterly sampling events of groundwater did not show any free product water and VA DEQ was requested to issue a closure of the CAP in August, 2014.

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