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Heating oil spill in a residence in PA

A heating oil company during servicing of a home in PA released almost 150 gallons of heating oil that seeped into the basement and below. Ground water was shallow and PA DEP wanted to ensure that the contamination did not pollute the water. The environment company overlooking the cleanup decided to use VaporRemed to reduce the fumes. In three weeks time the level of contamination of the soil and the concentration of VOC was within the state regulatory limits but the ground water still showed higher values of benzene. One more application of VaporRemed was required to remediate the impacted soil and ground water and the final analyses after 45 days showed that even benzene was less than stipulated by the state in PA.

Mopping up of the spill

The oil that entered below the basement was mopped up with absorbent pads before VaporRemed was applied.

Application of VaporRemed

VaporRemed is being sprayed over the dirt area after mopping the heating oil


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