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Sarva Bio Remed, LLC (SBR) is an Environment Biotechnology company that develops and manufactures bioremediation products on the basis of patented biodispersion technology. These bioremediation products effectively cleanup fuel oil spills in water, soil and in the form of fumes or fuel oil odor in a very short time. Cost of such environment cleanups are so high that State Governments wherever possible offer financial support to the Responsible Party. We believe cost of a cleanup and maintaining a clean environment should not be so expensive and should be within the reach of every agency large or small. Our products reduce the cost of environmental cleanup and make it cost effective for corporations, fuel oil companies, environmental companies and individual home owners. A homeowner now can carry out his own cleanup with minimum damage to his property within his own resources.

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Our bioremediation products have been successfully used in remediation of many types of industrial and residential fuel oil spills and are effective against a variety of fuel oils including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel, transformer oil and home heating oil. Our products remediate a wide range of hydrocarbon contamination and are ideally suited for most oil cleanup projects. In most cases, remediation is achieved after a single application in a very short period of time and generally does not require supervision. Further, there is no waste for disposal as the bacteria die a natural death. Our products are listed on the National Contingency Product List of the US EPA.

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We would like to add that our products have been used by environmental experts as well as DIY homeowners to help them out in their cleanup projects and feel confident that our products will meet your needs. Call us to find out more, we would love to hear from you!

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