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SpillRemed (Industrial) Case Studies

SpillRemed (Industrial) for industrial Oil Water Separators

Water from the maintenance shop in South Jersey Port Corporation in New Jersey was generally contaminated with free oil and grime during pressure washing and the shop would wash at least four vehicles in a day. Wash water was released through oil water separator system using absorbent socks and diapers to absorb the oil before release into the waste stream as per the directive of the local municipality. The TPH of the water received from the washing of vehicles in the South Jersey Port was pretreated with SpillRemed and in one weeks time there was more than 90% reduction in the oil content and the water was clear. Pre-treatment of sump water before passing through OWS reduces load on the existing system and also prevents discharge of oil in the waste stream. The study showed that toxic effect of the hydrocarbon was reduced by SpillRemed as evidenced by sudden growth of protozoans. Incidentally it was noted that these protozoans fed on the bacteria in SpillRemed indicating the beginning of a food chain in a system that did not support any life earlier.

Cleanup of open water spill in a mine

We received a request for SpillRemed (Industrial) from Kemess Mine located in the rocky mountains in Canada. The mine was so inaccessible that it took almost 10 days for the shipment to reach the customer. The company had a diesel spill in the containment berm and as per the standard protocol absorbent booms were placed to recover the spill, but unfortunately the boom absorbed water and sank at the bottom releasing all the spilled oil and the mine had only SpillRemed on hand to treat the spilled oil. This open water spill in a mine was cleaned up using SpillRemed under most unfavorable environment conditions. The temperatures were below 0 C and it was raining throughout the period of treatment. However, SpillRemed went beyond the call of duty and cleaned up the spill and oil free water was then discharged into the waste stream. Under normal weather conditions a similar spill would have been remediated in 3 weeks or less but under the extreme cold conditions existing at the time, it took 6 weeks for the cleanup and discharge the water in the waste stream. The cost for the cleanup was less than $ 500.00 and required minimum supervision with no waste for disposal.

Ronson Aviation, NJ

Application of bioremediation products for routine maintenance of facilities receiving waste oil is being practiced by Ronson Aviation, NJ for several years and they have found that their site is now free from any residual fuel in the waste stream. All of the above remediation has been accomplished at under USD 300.00 per OWS per year, proving our point that oil contamination remediation need not have a significant impact on the bottom line. As an aside, since SpillRemed (Industrial) has no moving parts, it also happens to be a green solution with a very low carbon footprint!

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