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SpillRemed (Marine) Case Studies

SpillRemed (Marine): A bioremediation agent as listed by US EPA

Bio-Aquatic Testing, Inc. was contracted by Sarva Bio Remed, LLC to test effectiveness of SpillRemed (Marine), using protocol listed in 40 CFR Chapter 1 Pt. 300 Appendix C, Item 4.0. The test protocol calls for evaluation of SpillRemed (Marine) on bioremediation of ANS 521 oil (Alaskan North Slope Crude heated to 521 C). The results showed more than 90% reduction in Alkane fraction and more than 41% of the aromatics meeting the criteria stipulated by the US EPA for a bioremediation agent. The results showed that there is a significant correlation between bacterial growth and in the breakdown of weathered oil and that the breakdown of both fractions of hydrocarbons, and is consistent with our experience on the field. Even after 28 days bacterial population was in a state ready to continue the breakdown for many more days that too without addition of nutrients during the whole test period. In addition SpillRemed (Marine) has been found to be non toxic to aquatic life and is also free from any species of pathogenic bacteria as listed by the US EPA.

SpillRemed (Marine) for birds

Effect on Oiled Birds: SpillRemed (Marine) and VaporRemed were evaluated by Tristate Bird Rescue and Research, Delaware USA. Results of evaluation show that both these products showed excellent properties for cleaning up of crude oil from the feathers of birds. The study indicated that SpillRemed (Marine) and VaporRemed can be used for cleaning spilled oil from the feathers of oiled birds affected by spills. SpillRemed (Marine) can thus be employed not only for cleanup of open water spill but is also safe as a pre-treatment agent for birds and other marine animals.

License for SpillRemed (Marine) in California

Sarva Bio Remed, LLC has obtained a license from the Office of the Spill Prevention and Response for use of SpillRemed (Marine) in open waters. The license is valid through 2018.

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