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VaporRemed Case Studies

Fumes in garage after a spill from AST

PID values showed 94% reduction in the values of fumes below the slab while the carbon dioxide values showed continued bacterial activity during the process. As the soil beneath or ground water showed any contamination, the project was closed.

Heating Oil spill in a basement in Ohio

During replacement of oil furnace by an HVAC contractor in Ohio, there was an accidental release of almost 250 gallons of No. 2 heating oil in the basement. The oil seeped below the concrete surface and the smell of heating oil fumes was so strong that the home owner was advised by the doctor and was relocated in a hotel free from the fumes of heating that caused chemical burn of throat. Environment company in charge of the cleanup removed 11 yards of soil after cutting the basement but still the smell of heating oil remained strong even after 2 months of the release. He contacted us to confirm if VaporRemed would really get rid of the strong odor and when confirmed that it would, and after consulting the environment company and EPA, use of VaporRemed was approved. VaporRemed was ordered on a next day delivery basis and on Friday evening VaporRemed was applied to the pit remaining after excavation and next day he reported that fumes were reduced almost completely. One week later new furnaces were installed and the basement was sealed soon after. The soil removed after application of VaporRemed was analyzed before disposal in the landfill site and results showed a TPH of 10 ppm.

Residential heating oil spill in basement at Virginia

Laboratory analysis of soil samples showed high values of TPH/DRO showing an initial value of 18,800 and 8,300 ppm and the samples of soil analyzed after treatment with VaporRemed showed a value of 290 ppm and 210 ppm. Both these values are below the stipulated 500 ppm of TPH/DRO. The TPH in the drain water after flushing with the product showed values below the detection levels. The project was recommended for closure as No Further Action was required.

Fumes in a Virginia Residence produced by trapped fuel in cinder block walls

Soils and Environment Services,Inc. conducted Petroleum Vapor Assessment, Vapor Remediation and Vapor Corrective Action Plan for a reported release from a residential Aboveground heating oil Storage Tank (AST) at a residence in Virginia. The fumes were found to reach the second level of the house and even in the electrical outlets as the release was apparently trapped in the cinder block wall. VaporRemed was injected through the soil and into the affected wall and the fumes were eliminated after the treatment.

Oil spill cleanup – A DIY excercise by homeowner in Ohio

This is a call similar to 911 call for fumes as the home owner who returned from his vacation on 4th July could not live because of strong fumes emanating from the house that was locked. He moved his family with his parents so that the infants are not affected by the fumes. Next he called us for shipment of VaporRemed by next day air and he received the shipment on 6th July and he began his Do-It-Yourself exercise which led him to a major cleanup project. Detailed photo feature of the project is attached. The home was restored and the odor from the heating oil fumes was completely eliminated.

Heating oil spill in a residence in PA

A heating oil company during servicing of a home in PA released almost 150 gallons of heating oil that seeped into the basement and below. Ground water was shallow and PA DEP wanted to ensure that the contamination did not pollute the water. The environment company overlooking the cleanup decided to use VaporRemed to reduce the fumes. In three weeks time the level of contamination of the soil and the concentration of VOC was within the state regulatory limits but the ground water still showed higher values of benzene. One more application of VaporRemed was required to remediate the impacted soil and ground water and the final analyses after 45 days showed that even benzene was less than stipulated by the state in PA.

Another heating oil spill in PA

An environment company was contracted by heating oil company and the insurance company for cleanup of heating oil released in the basement of a home owner in Pennsylvania. The concrete surface was cut open after mopping the free product to reveal underlying soil heavily stained with home heating oil producing strong odors of heating oil. The environment company requested for VaporRemed on a next day delivery basis and we went over to the site for giving on-site support. On first application of VaporRemed one could sense reduction in odor by more than 90% allowing movement of operators without any face mask. One more application of VaporRemed was made before sealing the basement after 10 days and in less than one month the home owners were back as if nothing happened.

Remediation of contaminated site in Atlantic City, NJ

We recently converted our oil boiler to gas and the heating crew could not remove the half-full, 250-gallon oil tank until one week later. Hence, we had an open fuel oil tank (the pipes were removed) and strong oil fumes inside our home. As a result, our dog and cat became ill within a few hours. Upon receiving and spraying the VaporRemed, the fumes quickly disappeared and the animals recovered. After the fuel oil tank was removed, we sprayed a few final applications of VaporRemed and now, everyone in the household is breathing happily and without any adverse effects … thanks for creating such an amazing product!

DIY – 2: Another cleanup by home owner – NY

Just before Christmas of 2006, a home owner in New York found a heating oil spill on his hand and since it was not a very major oil spill, he decided to do his own Do-It-Yourself spill cleanup. The spill had reached a very large area in the basement and it was producing copious fumes and he had to use blowers and fans to get rid of the strong odor. Next thing he did was to surf the web and search for a working solution and he contacted us telling us that he would like to pick up 1 gallon of VaporRemed and that he is driving down and requested us to meet him at the nearest point near the freeway. He sent us photographs to give us an idea of the situation. He used VaporRemed and not only the odor was gone almost immediately he did not have to worry about any residual later on and has no complaint even to date. If the action is immediate the costs are lower as can be seen in the case of this resourceful home owner.

DIY – 3: A Canadian home owner

A heating oil company had overfilled the heating oil tank resulting in a small spill that had not only formed a stain on the concrete but produced strong odor of heating oil impacting the health of his mother. While surfing the web he found VaporRemed and inquired whether it would do the eliminate the fumes or would it simply mask the odor and heating oil smell would return again as was his experience. He then ordered 1 gallon of VaporRemed and sprayed on the surface impacted with spill. In less than one hour he could detect that the odors were gone. However, since the spill had gone deeper into the concrete, he was advised to repeat the application multiple times. He has not had any complaints from his mother about the smell after VaporRemed was used in September, 2006.

Meet our customers meet at New York

A meet the customer event was organized by Phillip Schwartz of MAS Sales NY where Sarva Bio Remed, LLC along with other manufacturers and manufacturers representatives participated to introduce our products and services to their customers. The event was held in front of MAS office in New York and many customers visited the tables to gather more information on products offered by these manufacturers. We were pleased to find that almost all the heating oil customers of MAS are regular users of VaporRemed. We introduced AgroRemed that has been used for cleanup of fuel oil contaminated site at a terminal in Virginia, along with SpillRemed (Industrial) for remediation of releases of oils in storm water containment ponds and HydroRemed for treatment of groudwater contaminated with free oil/product.

Crawl Space in PA

After a release of heating oil from a tank not in use in a residence in PA, the odor of heating oil was very intense and unbearable. Even after blowing air for more than 3 months, the fumes would not go and as a last resort VaporRemed was used. In a week the company removed all the blowers from the area and no fresh incident of odor were reported.

Recovery of pets from effect of heating oil fumes after application of VaporRemed

After the fuel oil tank was removed, we sprayed a few final applications of VaporRemed and now, everyone in the household is breathing happily and without any adverse effects … thanks for creating such an amazing product!

Non-invasive treatment with VaporRemed for residential vapor intrusion

Initial soil sample analysis from the limited samples collected showed the level of contamination to be 43,600 ppm which was more than twice the value of 13,000 ppm stipulated by VA DEQ for saturated contaminated soil. The samples of soil collected after treatment with VaporRemed showed a value of 143 ppm or more than 99% of the initial value. The owner of the property did not find vapor intrusion and the odor did not remain a problem in any of the living quarters in the house. Based on site characterization and the laboratory analysis of the soil samples VA DEQ decided to issue a Site Closure Report on 18th September, 2008.

DEQ Site Closure Report

The project was closed based on the site characteristics report submitted by the environment company indicating that TPH levels in the soils were reduced from initial 43,600 ppm to 143 ppm and the home owner confirming that there was no vapor intrusion in the residential quarters above the garage.

Release of fuel from an AST at a residence in VA PC # 16-6007 (Report)

On a Saturday, in July of 2015, # 2 home heating oil leaked out from an Above-ground Storage Tank (AST). Personnel from a fire department came and closed the valve and surrounded the released fuel with booms. On Monday Pollard Environmental Inc. was contacted and they removed as much oil from the original tank into a standby tank and excavated the soil for disposal. Their request for delivery of VaporRemed was not possible as next day delivery service to the area by UPS was not available. One of our rep took the product and delivered the same on Tuesday before lunch and both VaporRemed and AgroRemed were used one for the fuel oil odor and another as a polishing tool for the soil after excavation and before back fill. The entire operation was thus completed in one day to the great relief of the 92 year old resident in the house.

Release of fuel from an AST at a residence in VA PC # 16-6007 (NFA from DEQ)

The final report submitted by Pollard Environmental Inc. was reviewed by the VA DEQ and the site was issued with a NFA letter.

Property appreciation after remediation of the residual fuel with VaporRemed

The restoration of the property was not complete without a new appraisal by an independent appraiser. A local bank appointed an appraiser and the report shows the property that was purchased for $ 90,000.00 was now valuated to be $ 130,000.00. This shows an appreciation by almost 40% in less than one year.

On site decommissioning of an underground storage tank in OR

At a residential site in Oregon, there was a reported release from a 675 gallon heating oil tank. As the tank was beneath the structure of the residence, the residual fuel was transferred to anothe UST tank and the soil impacted to a depth of 17 feet was remediated using VaporRemed as Risk Based Cleanup. The pollution complaint was closed once the results were within the RBC threshold levels.

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